A meat-and-potatoes campaign


Grandy's.PorkChop Grandy's.Turkeys

Grandy's.AmberWaves Grandy's.ChickensDisappear  
Grandy's.LittlePiggy Grandy's.SquareMeals  


Gordons Jewelers

You know how guys talk about jewelry


Gordons2Wimp Gordons3Utah Gordons4Arithmetic
Gordons5ArmAndLeg Gordons6Stimulus Gordons7Expert



Step out of the car, please


Dart outdoor_1Crazy Dart outdoor_2bad hair Dart outdoor_5Limo



Pink air blows back from the 60's


Fina Pink Air 2Intro Fina Pink Air 3Promo Fina Pink Air 4Op ed
Fina Pink air 1Doub truck


Jarana Tequila

Finally made it across


jarana 2 illus-1 jarana 2 illus-2 jarana 2 illus-3



Would you like your paycheck in paper or plastic?


cashworks_A cashworks_B cashworks_C
shelf_talker_cheese shelf_talker_green shelf_talker_pay

.RU Vodka

Cheers, comrade


RGravesFurr'sFather's Day promo RGravesFurr'sFather's Day promo


Furrs Family Dining

And, Dad, we mean this in the nicest way


RGravesFurr'sFather's Day promo